Progressive Hunterdon Democrats Steering Committee Members

Joey Novick

Joey Novick has been a political comedian, camp counselor, editorial director, attorney, busboy, professional speaker, child actor and an elected official in New Jersey. But not necessarily in that order.

Jodee Chizever

Jodee Chizever has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from NYU, Jodee directed 50+ employees in social service programs in New York City and managed over 500 volunteers at The Fresh Air Fund in Pennsylvania, and the Volunteer Director at United Way.

Jodee felt called to a greater purpose Through her studies with Medicine Teachers of various traditions she honed her gifts to help transform the world one person at a time by working as a champion for women to stepping into their confident, authentic, soulful selves.

Jodee stepped out of politics for a number of years while pursuing her other passions but this last election awakened her need to get involved again and where better to do so but on the local level where actual change can be felt!!

Jodee lives in Flemington with her two Spirited and Amazing children.

Marie Corfield

​Marie Corfield is an art teacher in the Flemington-Raritan School District. She is Vice President of the Flemington-Raritan and Hunterdon County Education Associations.

After Marie challenged Governor Christie’s derisive rhetoric about public education and teachers at a 2010 Flemington town hall meeting, the governor posted the video on his YouTube channel where it went viral. The resulting media interest led to her being featured in a front-page article in the Sunday New York Times. She’s also appeared on MSNBC’s The Ed Show and Politics Nation, and on Ed Schultz’s nationally syndicated radio program, as well as Fox and Friends, CBS Evening News, and a variety of other national, state and local news outlets.

She ran three very close State Assembly races in 2011, 2012 and 2013 in New Jersey’s 16th Legislative District, coming within single digits of the incumbents each time, with the loss in 2012 being less than 1%. She also ran for township committee in the overwhelmingly Republican Raritan Township. The national Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) declared Marie’s 2012 race as the top grassroots-powered campaign in the nation.

Marie also blogs about education, poverty, politics, women’s issues, social justice and living in a world gone strange.

Bob Flisser

Bob Flisser has been a Flemington business owner for 20 years, doing web development, software training and video and multimedia production. He has been a grassroots organizer for Democratic and progressive causes since he was 10 years old in 1972. For him, joining PHD was automatic, since progressive American values are under attack from the far right. Bob is a graduate of the George Washington University with a degree in financial economics and international business, and he goes kayaking every chance he gets.

Jamie Pietruska

​Jamie Pietruska

I am a parent, a professor of U.S. history, and, since 2013, a Hunterdon County resident. Before attending graduate school, I worked as a public high school teacher in a suburb west of Boston. Politically speaking, I am particularly concerned with fighting for social justice in the context of the long history of racial and gender inequality in the United States, as well as focusing on climate science and climate activism. I joined the Progressive Hunterdon Democrats to participate in collective resistance to a political agenda based on bigotry and exclusion as well as to find a community dedicated to advancing progressive policies and principles.

For more about my work, see my website or on Twitter @jpietruska

Sharon Ransavage

​Sharon Ransavage

I’ve been a life-long Democrat who was first inspired by John F. Kennedy when, at the age of 13 I heard him speak in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. which was near where I grew up. I’ve lived in Hunterdon County for over 40 years and have been a practicing attorney for over 30 years. I was the first and only woman to be appointed Hunterdon County Prosecutor. In that position I advanced the rights of victims of family violence, including children. In 1997 I returned to private practice. More recently, I became actively involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign. I believe that the Democratic Party has gone seriously astray from the values of FDR’s New Deal and continue to work hard to bring back liberal/progressive values.

Alan Willsey

​Alan Willsey

Long time dem activist…began by leading the election of a George McGovern delegate…worked almost full time for the first Obama election in Bucks County, PA, and attended the Dem convention.. continued work for Obama, and the woman who won the popular vote.. professional career includes a PhD from SUNY Buffalo, college faculty member, organizer for NEA, including leading the successful union election for 19,000 Cal State faculty, owned an employee benefit business and 5 years as a mental health worker…also president of faculty local, and elected to several NY state wide union offices…residing with too few dems in Holland Township for the past 6 years living with dog, cat and 8 chickens…